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Foliage, shrubs, and trees together enhance not only just the atmosphere of your property but also the look and feel of the place. This is why entering into an area that is well maintained, refreshes our mood instantly. This requires maintaining the lush green area, which is an extremely powerful yet strenuous exercise to make the atmosphere pleasing, neat, and tidy. Doing it all by yourself may not be possible, so look up at the DR Trees, Redmond Oregon. We have both expertise and experience in tree maintenance projects. Without any stress, leave the entire work to us, and we will ensure to take care of your property line just like our very own! 

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Tree companies like us offer a range of tree care services such as tree pruning, tree trimming, tree maintenance, and stump grinding. We know everything about tree care, and we ensure that your property is beautiful, gorgeous, and flawless, which contributes to the quality of your life! 


We know which trees grow faster and which has the slowest growth. Our horticulture knowledge gives us a cutting edge over other tree service companies to take care of the power lines, tree’s health, landscape beautification, and above all, ensuring safety by preventing the tree limbs from falling. 


Tree Removals


Often, tall ash trees start damaging your property due to its widespread strong roots and frequent limp falling. This calls out for services of tree removals who can professionally remove trees with utmost safety and without causing any damage to the property. We have a team of experts who are committed to providing quality service for small and big-sized tree removals. 


Stump Removals


To cater to the small yards, we use chainsaws and woodchippers, while for acres of land, bucket trucks are brought in. These tools cut down the tree stumps and carry it to a barren land for further breakdown or decompose. We then grind the left-over tree stump on the ground along with its roots so that there is no chance of mold decay or spreading of the wood decay. 


Tree Maintenance


Our tree removal services are affordable as we aim to provide tree removals for the Central Oregon area to remove the tree that is contributing to damage than doing good to us. However, if you are a plant lover, you may never want to undergo tree removal. This then requires you to call out for tree maintenance, tree trimming, and adequate tree care, so that the tree is appropriately nurtured to give you fresh air and shadow and continue to be the apple of your eye. 


Tree Pruning


At DR Trees Redmond, we provide tree service in Central Oregon to ensure that our city is full of well-maintained trees to enhance the beauty of our spaces. Good results require professional tree service, making the trees stronger and healthier compared to the non-pruned trees. 


To give the best look to your property, the trees must have a balanced weight and height distribution along with the branch structures. By investing time and money in tree pruning, you can ensure that the new look of your green area will make you spend most of your time here. 

How do we work?


Tree removal is an intricate and risky process which if not rendered properly, can cause severe damage to the property around and also to the humans. If you are a resident of Central Oregon, you can come to us as we know how to perform the job of tree maintenance very well.


Before taking up your service, we will first visit your place for analyzing the area and work that needs to be done. This gives both you and us a clear picture of the requirement and how we can help you. 


For tree removal process, when we visit your place in Central Oregon, we will take estimates of tree size, the distance at which we can perform the service, and, most importantly, the safety concerns. This helps us in making you understand how the job will be carried without causing any damage to any of the vehicles, buildings, and other properties. 


We do come across people who conduct such risky jobs themselves by undermining the risk and severe accidents that could occur. However, we always recommend that you hire tree services to eliminate the risk of damage. We bring the safest and efficient tree removal process for your project through our branded tools and experts for the effective tree removal process.